• keyboard_arrow_rightWill my travel be paid for?
    Yes, we can reimburse you for your travel.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan you help with interview clothes?
    Yes. As and when you are ready to go to an interview we can help you look and feel work-ready.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat type of courses could I join?
    Courses to help enhance your: personal, digital and employment skills include Arthritis Awareness, Depression Management, Disclosing your Health Condition, Confidence Building, Interview Basics, Ensuring a Smooth Transition into Work, Managing Anxiety and Interview Nerves, IT Skills.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIs there anything I need to bring to my first appointment?
    Be able to confirm you National Insurance number and full postal address for identification purposes.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightI'm not great with technology, is there support provided?
    Yes, we will provide support and you can also join IT skills workshops.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan I still access the support even if I move into work?
    Yes, you will receive support for the first 12 months that you are employed from your Advisor.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightI haven't worked in a long time, can I join the programme?
    If you believe that with the right support work could be in your future then you can join the programme.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo I still need to attend JBO/ JC if I am part of Steps 2 Success?
    Your JBO/ JC appointments are separate to your Work and Health appointments therefore, you should continue to attend your JBO/ JC appointments.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow often can I see my Advisor?
    You will see your Advisor at least a couple of times a month.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWill you remind me about my appointment?
    At your first appointment you and your Advisor will create a four-weekly plan that will list the all your appointments.