A new job makes Harry's day

“I can’t thank Ingeus enough,” says 46 year old Harry Brown, who was unemployed for six years before joining the Work and Wellbeing programme in Northern Ireland and finding a job.

Harry lives in Belfast and was struggling to get back into work unaided. He felt that being unemployed for such a long time, and a previous criminal offence, would count against him. Harry became depressed as a result and started to drink heavily and use drugs.

“Everything changed when I went to Work and Wellbeing,” explained Harry. “I was able to crawl out of that hole because I got the help I needed. To tell the truth my advisor pushed me to be a better person, to have some hope of good things happening again.”


Harry attended several workshops run by trained Ingeus facilitators to help him become more confident in dealing with interview questions. Interested in a facilities management career, he also attended the Ingeus Cleaning Academy that explained the requirements and legal considerations when running commercial contracts.

Ingeus hosts several internal academies for job seekers to increase their employability within a chosen industry. Each of the career development programmes explains the responsibilities of certain roles and the expectations of employers within the industry. There is friendly advice on the progression route in that career and employment opportunities currently available as Ingeus has established links with local companies.


“I got a job with a cleaning company and I have progressed to become a supervisor,” added Harry. “When I first started I wasn’t nervous because Work and Wellbeing checked in with me regularly to see that everything was going OK. In my current role I am trusted with interviewing new recruits and bringing them on board. It’s a great feeling having more money and being able to buy things.

“I truly feel that if I hadn’t received the help when I did, I might have gone off the rails again. I have a job and I’m happy. I want people to know my story. It doesn’t matter what your background is - there is help if you want to get back into work.”

Work and Wellbeing is delivered across Belfast, Lisburn, Bangor and Newtownards by Ingeus. It is financed by the Department for Communities’ Steps 2 Success programme and offers one-to-one employability support to long term unemployed jobseekers and people with health conditions.